Within the system Gestion GEMINYS the module of control of stock Suppliers and. Clients requests, appears as a logic extension of the management inventory, specifically addressed to the planning and control of the supply of materials.

Two basic methods exist to determine the way to supply the articles of a store by minimal, requests or reposition and by planning them.

The establishment of the request point is accomplished on the base of previous consumption's or foreseen previsions establishing the resupplying of the article when the stocks remains below the minimal. This method implies a uniform consumption in proportionally small quantities with the size of the part of resupplying and the need of supplying one in an immediate form. Though mathematical and statistical analysis have been applied to improve this method and many companies have tried unsuccessfully, the installation of this system to control all the articles of their inventory.

The second basic method consists in calculating the needs of subsets and pieces (components) being made on the necessary quantities of superior level, normally finished products in which they are used. The finished products demand, is determined by prevision by portfolio requests, or by both at the same time, being contrasted with the existence in inventory to prepare a master program of production needs by periods of time that provide the entry in order to determine the a needs of the components.

For the complete efficiency of a system of Control of Stock, Suppliers and Clients requests, any aspect of movement of materials needs to be considered. The purchase orders, production and sale, the reception and the outlet of materials and any other stock transaction must be registered and their effects in the inventory balance sheet reflected in the system.

So that the information of these movements is meaningful they must be registered immediately in files with features identification for each set or piece.


The basic purpose of the application of the system of control of Stock Suppliers and Clients requests is to provide to an industrial or commercial organization a system that:

In the system GESTION GEMINYS, the programation oriented to the results produces the information necessary through connection files that permit to maintain them interrelated.

According to each record (unit of information ) these connections serve to accede to the following record to process, update, counsel or print. As a result of this there is a wide variety of screens and report formats all available under automatic control of programs.