A list of materials is a complete description of a product detailing the decomposition of a product in pieces or components and subsets as well as their features and interdependence The greater the number of components in a structure or set is the greater and more complex the list of materials will be making the handling of the same more difficult for the extraction of information required about the product.

A production process is an ordered description of an itinerary or predetermined itinerary. In the manufacture environment the determination of a zone or work in which an article is manufactured based on phases or steps constitutes a process system. The process system is designed to accomplish this purpose and permits a permanent access to the information of the state of an article along the process.



The purpose of the application of the list of materials and processes list of production Is to provide a method to identify the steps (operations or phases) and the resources associated to manufacture or mount an article

The application is used in planning, execution, validation, and valuation of manufacture orders.

In the production environment, the list of materials defines which material is needed to produce an article. The documentation of processes complements the list of materials describing how an article is manufactured. This application describes the operations carried out by work centers, in sequence. By its nature the processes if data tend to be of great volume an stability.

The system permits the user to use the following possibilities


By applying Processes the user has the capacity to establish and maintain the necessary steps to manufacture any product. -At the same time the user possesses information on each stage of the process to know how much time and how much material is needed to accomplish it. The module of list of materials and processes of production properly installed constitutes a potent means of analysis and planning in any manufacture company.